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Membership Package.

Network at your best & show the world what you know by making an impact with your very own personal brand. Make the most of your social media platforms with posts that state you mean business. The time is ripe to impress your clients with an online presence that makes them say WOW!

Take advantage of this amazing offer now before it increases!! As we grow, our prices will too. Join today and the prices seen on this screen will stay the same for you always. Your Membership Package Includes:


Knowing You & Your Business

4 x 15 Minute Meetings

Your Adverts

50% OFF

Any Other Product

Video Promo

Increase Engagement

Still Adverts

Get Your Posts Seen

Video Hosts

Website Call to Action

Video Promotions

The best way to increase engagement online and great for SEO is with the use of a video.

Option A: Monthly Commercial RRP: 120€ each

A video promo of between 20 & 45 seconds long for your product or business.

Contains a mixture of video animations. In some cases we maybe able to use your own footage when it is of high quality and include some Free HD Stock footage when desired.

Option B: Weekly Edited Blog RRP: 30€ each

Send us your video blog and we will add 3 FREE RENDERS

Choose an Intro, Logo, Social Media Button etc to your video.

NB: Animations can be changed once per month only.

Option C: 4 x 1 Weekly Render RRP: 30€ each

Choose any of our logo animations from our library each week.

NB: Renders that require images other than your logo are charged at half price.

Still Adverts

Choose either 1 x Cinemagraph or 3 x Social Media Posters to be designed each week, the choice is yours.


Great for standing out on social media. 60€ each.

Combine Video with a Still Picture. Available as a GIF or MP4 File.

Social Media Posters

Keeps your content fresh and updated. 20€ -30€

Choose to use either you Own footage or Free stock.

Choose The Social Media Platform for your Adverts


Timeline photo, App Thumbnail, Page Post Engagement, Website Conversion, Cover Photo, Page Likes, Event Responses, Shared Image, Sharedlink Thumbnail, Sponsored Posts / Stories, Sidebar Ad, Video Views, Clicks To Website, App Installs, App Engagement, Offer Claims, Local Awareness, Profile Photo


Profile Photo, Header Photo, Website Card, Instream Photo, Large Photo Summary Card, Summary Card


Square Logo, Profile Photo, General Ad, Wide Skyscraper, Leaderboard, Background image (Legacy) Standard Logo, Medium Rectangle, Banner Image, Cover Photo, Background Image


Medium Rectangle, Shared Image, Cover Image, Leaderboard, Wideskyscraper, Half page, Profile Photo


Mobile, Tablet, Channel Logo, Video Thumbnail, Desktop Banner


Profile Photo, Legacy Photo Size, Image Post, Photo Size


Board Cover, Pins, Profile Photo

Web Banners

Rectangle, Medium Rectangle, Large Rectangle, Micro Bar, Half Banner, Website Header, Leader Board, Full Banner, Skyscraper, Wide Skyscraper, Large Square, Small Square.

free monthly video host.

1 x Installation of a 2D or ·3D Avatar using text to speech option or (VO) your own voice recording. Just copy and paste the code we send you into your word press site! Its that simple.

Please Note: Price shown Includes hosting of avatar for 1 month only.

Installation Avatars –  RRP 50€

  • Option A. Keep the same Avatar running each month for FREE!
  • Option B – Pay 10€ per month subscription charge instead of the usual 20€ when you wish for the avatar to be hosted on your website for more than 1 month at a time & wish the installation of another avatar for a different post)

Membership Joining Fee: 500€

Includes 1 hour Consultation

1st Month Membership Fee

50% OFF Any Other Product

Monthly Membership: 250€

Includes 4 x 15 Minute Weekly Meetings.

1 x Video Promo or 4 x Video Blogs or 4 x Separate Renders

4 x Cinemagraphs or 12 x Social Media Posters


Consultations, 50% OFF, Website Avatar

Video Promo

Receive Videos worth 120€

Still Adverts

Social Media Posters from 240€ – 360€

Payment Methods

Payment can be made into either UK or Spanish Bank account via PayPal and is made every 4 weeks.

Please Note: Prices do not include Tax or VAT. Prices shown are the same for both currency’s. 

Example: Pay 10 euros into the Spanish euro account or Pay 10 pounds into the British sterling account.


Complete Package for sourcing your Online Advertising Products for the promotion of your product or business.

Promotional Video Marketing

Promotional Video Marketing

Take control of your video marketing today. Access your success are the professional marketing team that make your videos jump of the scree. On inbound, social media, search and beyond.

With realtime audience conversion, integrated into your marketing stack.